Introducing - 360° Engage by ConnectWrx

The next level of Visual Performance Management.

360° Engage is an enterprise visual performance management SaaS platform that enables connection, collaboration and communication with everyone in the organization from any location, any device.

360° Engage unites all your software applications, allowing for pinpoint decision making throughout your organization, to substantially increase performance and create a powerful employee engagement culture.

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Our Approach

Make Our Unique Experience Your Unique Advantage

From initial enquiry through to a hassle-free set-up and embedding, at ConnectWrx we ensure that each of our clients are provided with a comprehensive suite of customized options to best suit their needs.

Agility and adaptability are keys to creating a resilient business and our solutions provide each of our clients with customized, clear & real-time insights for making strategic decisions.

Our approach ensures that each client’s entire organisation can embrace process, technology and people which provides them with the ability to solve business problems in a rapidly changing world.

At ConnectWrx we support our clients with a unique blend of experience and skill, which enables us to combine the worlds of Software, Business Performance Improvement, Operations Management and Personnel Development with each engagement.

Key Features of 360° Engage

Our unique SQCDP architecture allows all your teams to work through one system improving organisation wide performance, collaboration and facilitation.

Unify, integrate, analyse, and share via a single and seamless data experience that combines multiple software applications.

Improve Communication to make data driven decisions and create new revenue streams to help drive your business.

Quickly and cost effectively extract the key trigger based metrics that you need from any platform.

Have the ability to process data/metrics and deliver fast intelligent solutions.

Creates a user friendly environment which ensures teams orchestrate their work from daily tasks to strategic initiatives.

Provides leading indicators, intelligent alarms and automated alerts about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines.

Engage 360 allows you to create a single source of truth.

About Us

ConnectWrx is a collaboration between WrxFlo and BPI Services

WrxFlo was co-founded by Tim Crowe, Ken Sheehan, Francis Cummins in 2018 following several years experience in Engineering, Operations Management, IT and Digital Transformation.

WrxFlo is now working with multinationals across several sectors delivering People & Process solutions enabled by technology (WrxFlo Software Platform).

At WrxFlo, we’ve built a solution we wish we had when we ran global factories.

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BPI Services was founded in 2006 by Susan Clancy & Jerry Daly,

We offer Lean Digital Technology & Industry 4.0 services through ConnectWrx and we are comfortable in providing to our global clients a very wide range of Training, Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching options to best suit their needs in both face to face and online formats.

In addition we provide E-Learning covering many aspects of Lean, Six Sigma & Business Performance Improvement Techniques.

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